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Free Trade Port of Ventspils

The company history is dated back to July 1, 1963, when it was a specialized construction management trust "Sevzapmontazhavtomatika". In February 5, 1998 it was reorganized into joint-stock company "SZMA V".

Today "SZMA V" offers its customers and partners a wide range of services:

● Design, installation and maintenance of electrical, automation, fire extinguishing and telecommunications systems;

● Construction of water supply, sewerage systems, sewage disposal plants and pumping stations;

● Installation and fabrication of steel structures of varying degrees of difficulty;

● Installation of industrial pipelines;

● Insulation works;

● Corrosion prevention works;

● Civil works.

The work performed by the company is based on the requirements of existing standards in the Republic of Latvia, as well as on the national standards of other countries and industry standards of enterprises, used at the request of the Customer.

The company pays special attention to the professional growth of its employees, organizes visits to training courses, seminars and conferences in Latvia and abroad.

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to the cooperation.

Joint-stock company "SZMA V"
Phone: +371 63680170, fax: +371 3607490
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